Providing a midday meal for your clients and employees may seem simple and straightforward. In many ways, it is. But when you’re in a meeting, the last thing you need is a greasy, heavy lunch. Why?

Food is fuel for your body and mind.

If you put poor quality fuel into your car, it’ll sputter and won’t run properly. The same thing happens to our bodies. If we don’t eat the right things, we become sluggish and unproductive.

When you’re planning your next office lunch meeting, think twice about what you may serve. How will your meeting attendees ever get back on track and focused for the rest of the day after eating food that makes them want to take a nap?

Choose something fresh, light, and filling. Put good fuel in, you’ll get fantastic results!

When Bamboozle caters your meeting, your team will feel refreshed, energized, and productive. They’ll be ready to face the rest of the day and not sleepy. A fresh and healthy meal is a way to show you appreciate your team and you’re looking out for them.

We make things super easy.

Choose from appetizers, entrees, and sides. Ask us about our Bento and Banh Mi boxes. They’re a great “ready to grab” alternative to buffet style. Online ordering makes your meeting meal planning a breeze. Your lunch can be ready in as soon as four hours too.

Don’t let your next lunch meeting turn into an afternoon snooze. Call Bamboozle Café to cater!