Summer is here and with all the great Florida sunshine, it’s a perfect time to get together with friends and family. You’ll be enjoying the pool with family, the beach with friends, or just asking people over to hang out in your backyard.

But what about all the cooking for all your planned festivities?

Here are the top three reasons to have your next summer event catered:

Save Time and Money

Sit down and add up the cost of all the food for the number of guests you expect. Then add in the time you spend for shopping, preparing, and cooking. You’ll come out ahead with having your event catered!

It will be DELICIOUS!

If you are trying new recipes yourself, you never know how it might turn out. Having your food catered, there’s no need to worry about a failed recipe.

Relax and Enjoy

Catering offers time for you to get ready and relax before your big event. It’s also hard to cook, set up, get yourself ready, and entertain guests all at the same time. Catering allows you to actually enjoy the party and visit with your guests!

Let Bamboozle Café cater your next event. Make your special event even better by serving fresh and light ingredients to your guest, who will be amazed by our tasty and healthy offerings.

Having your big bash catered can create a cohesiveness to your event and always offers an ice breaker with guests. More and more people are moving towards plant-based diets, and our menu offers many plant-based dishes…in fact, the veggies are often the star of our dishes!

Think of us as your secret weapon to throwing the BEST summer bash in your neighborhood!

Ordering online is super easy. You can order healthy, fresh, and delicious entrees, sides, desserts, and even beverages! Our food is straight off our menu and done to perfection every day! You can pick up your order or we can even deliver it right to you.

You’ll have the food prep behind you and you’re free to focus on preparing your space, cleaning, or just relaxing the day of your party!

So, when you’re planning your next pool party, a Father’s Day gathering, a backyard engagement party, or even a beachside wedding dinner, we offer a light and healthy alternative to those heavy or fried foods. Your guests are left fulfilled with beautiful, tasty, and heart-friendly foods that everyone will enjoy.